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The Caribbean Islands

A distinct Charm of a World Class Island Vacation “

I often found myself longing for an escape from the frigid Nebraskan winters. Which is how I got to know the Caribbean islands so well. What better place to run away to than a Caribbean island where you’re soaking up the tropical sun, playing in the sand, and looking out over the blue dazzling ocean?

It’s hard to tell why the Caribbean is so wonderful. The endless powdery white beaches, the jewel blue ocean, the sea song of the waves that soothe to the ears, the pine trees, different colors of flowers that dot the rainforests, the luxury resorts. No wonder why it’s easy to be fascinated by the tropical beauty of these islands.

The 10 Most Visited Islands in the Caribbean

  • Aruba – world famous island for Lovers, this is where you find the Eagle Beach that is known of the must see the spectacle of the actual view of the sea turtles that hatches their eggs.
  • Turks and Caicos Islands – the world best beach destination for diving, snorkeling and kayaking. Coral reef is also within reach and easy access for viewing. This is best for those who love water sports activities.
  • Barbados – this place is also the capitol of romantic getaways thanks to the Adults-Only resorts and sophisticated night life. Head to the picturesque beaches of Bathsheba to see the dramatic rock formation and soak in the mineral pool that makes you feel reborn.
  • Bahamas – a coral based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a stunning vacation destination where the sugar white sands and blue water in the ocean is hard to resist. Paradise Island in Bahamas is the world’s finest resort where Atlantis is located. But the most unique features in this area is to go and swim with the dolphins in Dolphin Cay.
  • Jamaica – the tropical climate in Jamaica is what makes their ecosystem a wealth of plants and animals. This is a place for natural wonders. Enjoy the most impressive Dunn’s River falls where you can bath in a cascading waterfalls and plunge into the pool. Relax and feel the caress of the beaches in Montego Bay.
  • Martin – is a touch of two colonial powers, a combination of Dutch in the north and French in the south. It’s like taking one package for an adventure of two colonies. It is a mix of both urban and natural rain forest, astonishing caves, wild life and white beaches.
  • Cayman Island – this destination consist of three islands with terrain of mostly low lying limestone surrounded by coral reefs. The most popular area is the Stingray City where in the visitor can feed squid to stingrays at night. Or take a tour to explore the local culture and get to know the island as if it were your own backyard.
  • Cuba –is a truly indulgent escape that offers all inclusive services, including access to intensive spa facilities and fine dining restaurants. Cuba has numerous sugar white beaches. This destination is also known for the production of legendary Cuban cigars. See the beauty of the pastel houses in the city of Havana and fall in love with the salsa music.
  • Jamaica – this island is often called The Place of Wonders. It has a tropical climate that balances the ecosystem to have an abundant wealth of plants and animals. Enjoy the most impressive Dunn’s River Falls where you can bath in an outpouring waterfall. Loosen up, relax and feel the caress of the beaches in Montego Bay. For a bit of adventure, challenge yourself by hiking to the summit of Mystic Mountain and thrill yourself for a crocodile watching safari in the Black River.
  • Lucia – the perfect island to indulge yourself with spas, fine dining, and the ultimate getaway. Enjoy the do-it-yourself spa and wrap your skin with the medicinal mud from the Sulfur Springs in Soufriere. Spoil yourself to a drive-in volcano and continue your adventure to the Pigeon Island National Park, Botanical Garden and the Majestic Twin Peaks called The Piston. Soak yourself to the black sand of Anse Mamin. Explore with your paddle board and snorkel gear off the shores of St. Lucia.

The Caribbean has everything to offer for the ultimate paradise getaway; the local people, their lifestyle and culture, the ambiance and the outdoor activities, tropical rainforests, unforgettable beaches, and so much more. The Caribbean is definitely the solution to a World Class Island Vacation.












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