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Posted on November 07, 2016 at 23:28 PM


This one state offers hundreds of different destinations, experiences, and memories to every traveler. It’s no wonder that the word ‘Alaska’ means different things to different people. To many travelers it means glaciers, winter wonderland, northern lights, and sled dogs. To others it means hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, and breweries. Even more people think of it as a destination for wildlife; bears, moose, wolves, eagles, reindeer, caribou, and whales. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

One thing is for sure; Alaska is a magnificent land with boundless exploration of their National Parks, ocean coastlines, mountains, and lakes.

Alaska is definitely home to adventure, everything from mild to extreme activities. It’s the perfect place to rent a cabin and enjoy the outdoors. Or jump on a tour and go mountain climbing, biking, skiing, rafting and/or kayaking. Fishing is a favorite in Alaska since it’s home to world class Halibut and Salmon. Of course, my favorite Alaskan memory is taking a float plane around Kodiak for a flight-seeing trip over the most breath-taking mountains, looking down at bears & whales and landing on a glacier to have lunch.

The untouched wilderness of Alaska is the mecca of North American wildlife. It is home of Polar Bears, Bald eagles, Grizzly Bears, Caribou, Moose, Gray Wolves, Humpbacked Whales, Seals, Sea Lions, Walrus. There’s so many species of birds that it’s the perfect destination for any bird-lover.

Nature and wildlife aside, Alaska is quite modern with their wide variety of restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. No wonder this one destination is so captivating to visitors all over the world!

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